Wednesdays With Willow

This is Willow the Wisp.

She is our awesome baby kitty. No matter what kind of day I’m having, after a few minutes with Willow, it’s all good.

Even when she’s feisty.

When she gets that look in her eye, and her back end starts a-twitchin’… watch out. She’s most dangerous in the mornings, when everything I’m doing looks so interesting and she’ll happily climb up my leg to get a closer look. Just FYI, baby cat claws are very sharp.

As I typed that last sentence about Her Feistiness, I noticed she was playing with a penny. In her mouth. Just because. OY. Gotta’ keep a close eye on this one.

If you don’t mind, Willow would like to pop in on us from time to time. I told her she could have Wednesdays. Because in the middle of the week, we all could use a pick me up. She thought Wednesday sounded like the perfect day, because of the way it’s in the middle of all the other days, all cozy like. Miss Willow really likes getting cozy. Especially after a busy day of being feisty. And if her favorite blanket is around? There’s just no stopping her.


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