Random DNA-related Post

I’m too lazy to turn this into a cohesive essay style post. Let’s do bullets instead.

* The other day in the car Leah announced, “I’m part Thai.” Husband replied, “You’ve said that twice now. We know.” She’s proud of her newfound heritage. I think it’s cool she’s proud.

* Same conversation… Luke asked, “Can I do the spitting contest too?” Ha ha. We’re not doing the DNA testing for him at this point because we have some information about his birth family, so it doesn’t feel necessary. (and he’s not Cambodian. If they had a similar project for Vietnamese adoptees, I might do that.)

* It took a bit of doing, but I finally got the 23andMe results transferred over to Family Tree DNA for the Khmer Cousins Project. They were supposed to give me a $10 discount off the transfer price, but the woman I spoke to on the phone was completely cluess about the whole transfer thing, and then when I emailed support they told me how to transfer but nothing about the project discount. At that point I decided it was worth $10 to not have to deal with support people anymore.

* After I did the transfer, I saw this message:

Congratulations! The results file you uploaded was determined to be a Build 37 V3 file with more than 900,000 SNP results. Please note, uploaded Build 37 results files will be batch processed in 6-10 weeks. You will be notified by e-mail when your results file has been processed.

6-10 weeks seems like a very long time. A friend who is also testing told me she heard it’s not really that long though. I guess we’ll see.


One thought on “Random DNA-related Post

  1. I transferred my son’s results from 23 to FT. I believe it took less that 2 weeks to process them. No matches at all on FT but 11 on 23. Transferred by China daughters results also and had no matches….30 matches on 23. I think that pretty common from others I’m in contact with.

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