Wednesdays With Willow

Yes, your favorite pointless pet pandering post is back! And this week, we have a guest star: Pixie the Mutt Puppy!

This is Pixie:

Pixie would like you to know that her people used to take dignified photos of her. Before that kitten came along.

She is our awesome five year old mutt-puppy extraordinaire. She is a very rare breed known as a “Schnockeranian Terhauhau”. It’s a “designer breed” that one can only get by randomly mixing a Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel, Pomeranian, Boston Terrier and a Chihauhau. One of the notable features of this breed is that they love to hunt. She’ll stare at a mole mound for a veeeeery long time. And once she even caught and killed a mole. (Its head adorns the feature wall in her dog house.) Squirrels, rabbits, moles, frogs, mice… you name it, if it’s small and moves quickly, she’s all over it.

You know what else is small and moves quickly? Kittens. Now, when we got her, all our cats were full grown and she knew her place. And when we got River, an 18 month old shelter kitty, she put Pixie in her place with one carefully placed swipe at her nose. But sweet little Willow the Wisp was a very tiny little thing who couldn’t put a mouse in its place when she first came home, so we’ve kept them apart. Willow hangs out in our room, and Pixie guards the door with a laser-like focus. And, now that Willow is bigger, sometimes we let Willow roam the house. But we always put Pixie on a leash attached to our kitchen table. Just in case.

Willow doesn’t know what the fuss is about. She’s not the least bit scared of this silly dog that always sits under the table.

look at me, getting all fancy with the music and the captions. So. Impressive. ha ha.

What do you think? Are they ready to meet “unleashed”?

(Answer: No. Not quite. I let Pixie off the leash this afternoon and she promptly chased Willow under the couch. I think River needs to give Willow a lesson in How to Tame A Mutt Puppy.)


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