Let Them Eat Mooncake

T’was the evening of Tet Trung Thu and all through the house… mama (not in a nightcap) was scouring bookshelves trying to find the Vietnamese folktales book we read every year. Alas, our copy of Children of the Dragon was nowhere to be found.

Drat! and How can this be? Have no fear, the internet has the story for free!

To this website she went and downloaded The Man in the Moon, Chu Cuoi the guy who chased a tiger and found a mystical healing tree instead.

Clearly this is the worst attempt at rhyme scheme the world has ever seen. And thus, I shall abandon it…

With the story in hand, all that was needed were mooncakes… pineapple and bean. The sweetest little cakes she’d ever seen. (sorry, a rhyme suddenly fell out. It couldn’t be helped)

{Now back to our regularly scheduled blog voice…}

As is our tradition every year at Tet Trung Thu (aka “The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival”) we gathered the kiddies and sat outside under the full moon and read the story of Chu Cui while we nibbled on moon cakes. And when the story was over, we prayed for their families in Cambodia and Vietnam, took a quick picture to commemorate the night (Luke squeezed his eyes against the flash, Leah smiled her biggest cheesiest smile) and we scurried back inside.

Not much like the way they celebrate in Vietnam, but it’s our tradition and we’ve grown to like it a rather lot.


2 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Mooncake

  1. Very sweet! Where do you get your mooncakes? I’ve had trouble finding ones the kids will actually eat… I make cupcakes instead and we just call them mooncakes, which is kinda lame.

    1. mmm cupcakes! I don’t know, I think I’d like that variation. 🙂 We get ours from the Mamnon shop on Etsy. They’re the best mooncakes we’ve found in our limited searching. The kids actually really like them, I had to tell them to slow down, you’re not supposed to eat the entire mooncake yourself!

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