Wednesdays With Willow – Guest Starring River Tam!

The cat, River Tam. Of course. Not the awesome amazing character from Firefly played by Summer Glau. (Though, if she wants to come and guest star on my blog, she’s welcome ANY TIME. Just sayin’.)

This is our River Tam. Most aptly named cat, ever.

Also, I can kill you with my brain.

River had a rough start, what with a teen pregnancy and then being abandoned by her family when her belly was full of babies. So we should have known that the sweet docile purring cat we met at the shelter was not her true self. But we are naive, and so it was a bit of a shock when the fur was literally flying between her and our older cat, Ichiro. We almost decided not to get a kitten, so overwhelmed and worried were we. But we promised the kids a kitten. And I thought, maybe since she’d had kittens and cared for them for a bit, maybe she’d do okay with a baby sister.

Thankfully, I was right.

River caught mid-lick in the act of giving Willow a bath.

They play kind of rough, but the fur never flies. River always keeps herself in check with Willow. And? As an added bonus, she’s taken on the role as Willow’s bodyguard with Pixie. Not five minutes ago the two cats came tearing into the room, causing Pixie to spring into action (if an animal is running, she MUST chase it). River immediately put herself between Pixie and Willow and the claws came out. Pixie got the message.

I keep trying to take pictures of Willow with her big sis, but they never come out quite right. That one above is one of the better ones.

I think this one is a candidate for Awkward Pet Family Photos.

Never a dull moment around here…


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