Wednesdays With Willow: Pun’kin Edition

Guess where we finally went?

Here’s your first clue:

You don’t really need a second clue, do you?

Well, I happened to take a picture of Leah from the back, so I’ll give you the second clue, even though you already guessed.

Yep, we finally got out to the pumpkin patch! And it was like 50 degrees with dark clouds that turned into rain just before we finished (and hail later, but thank goodness we were not in the middle of a field at that point)… and not the gorgeous 70 and sunny it was a couple of weeks ago. But that’s okay. I’m not bitter. Much.

Anyway, we drove out to the country and got hot Kettlecorn and walked through a big ol’ corn maze and went out to a real pumpkin patch and picked pumpkins right off the vine the way God intended and everyone had fun and I took pictures and so I don’t much care that the weather wasn’t perfect.

What this also means is now I have props for pictures of my kitten.

**scary** Willow
“Who’s this curious fellow here?”
Willow sez “I lik the little pun’kin best”

Oh the cuteness. Sadly, she was not quite as obliging with the poses as I might have liked. Happily for me, Pixie the wonder mutt puppy makes a rather adorable Pun’kin herself AND she poses! So she’s hijacking this post (again)…

One of these things is not like the other…
“Tell me there’s a treat involved in this”
“Wait, what?”
“Hey Buddy… You hear anything about the treats?”

Yes, all of her poses have a “I want a treat for this humiliation” look about them. And the sad part is… we didn’t give her a single treat! I think we were laughing too hard and distracted by the overwhelming hysterical cuteness of a dog in a pumpkin costume. The cats should thank their lucky stars – I saw some great cat costumes at the pet store this weekend (Dredlocks. And that regae looking hat. Would have looked SO funny on our black cat) but I resisted because they were like $15 each. Now if they go on clearance after Halloween…


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