Cambodia On My Mind

Over the weekend I hopped online to start shopping for the Bykota and Benz kids. With 30-40 kids to shop for and less than a month until we fly, time is of the essence! And as I was perusing A’zon and filling my cart, it suddenly occurred to me, “Why not make a Wishlist?” Maybe some of you would rather do the shopping yourselves than send money to me. Seems logical. So that’s what I did.

If you want to pick out a present for one of the Bykota House or Benz kids… click here.

I’m still working on the list, so feel free to check back on it. Rhonda gave me a lot of great ideas, but on some I just have ages, so I need to find things that will pack well AND don’t cost a ton. The two age groups I’m working on are 9-11 year old boys and 15-16 year old boys. Ideas?

Meanwhile… as I was spending the weekend looking for presents, Rhonda and Mark had their hands full with sick and hurt kids. Chantal (12 years old) needed stitches for a serious foot injury on Friday. On Sunday, Gina (6 years old, Bykota House) was diagnosed with Typhoid fever and was in Acute care for two nights. And then, on Tuesday, Mary felt sick. They brought her in and she was diagnosed with Dengue… and Typhoid. Mary is about the same age as Leah and they instantly bonded when the Benzs stayed with us for a week. It is making my heart hurt to think about her sick with not just one but TWO serious illnesses that we never even see in America. I’m praying, a lot. And wishing there was more I could do than just add items to a Christmas list.


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