Ready, Set…

So did I mention that we’re going to Asia? In like, less than a month? Yeah, this is just sort of dawning on us. When we were adopting, I was so much more focused on the preparations, because they were like the only thing under my control and we waited for stinkin’ ever before we got the go-ahead. This time it’s like “Oh we should book that trip. Whew! That’s done. Oh wait, now we need visas to get into VN. We should get moving on that. Oh and immunizations! And what are we packing?”

Thankfully, the visas arrived yesterday.

(Luke was all, “But what if we didn’t have them?” And I’m like, “then they wouldn’t let us IN.”) And five of us are going to the travel medicine “clinic” (aka the one Physician’s Assistant who does travel related stuff) tonight. They made me make five separate thirty minute appointments. Isn’t that ridiculous? Just take us all in the room, give us the same dang shots, and be done, I say. That’s how they did it the last two times we traveled to Asia. I think it’s a new billing policy or something. Whatever.

As to the packing… I am so woefully unprepared. But I’m doing a little better now that I went online shopping! I got a pair of Keen sandals for me and also new sandals for Luke and Leah because their feet have outgrown the ones they wore just last summer. And I got a pair of “tropic wear” capris and a shirt that both have like spf 50 built in and don’t wrinkle. And I got this dress, for 25% off.

It’s cute, right? Also hopefully it isn’t too upscale so as to clash with my purple Keens. Did I mention they were purple? Because the black and brown ones were $25 more. And I am nothing if not thrifty! (Quinn, when I told her I bought purple sandals and that I looked into buying a Camelbak, “You are going to look like such a dork”. Probably true, but must we point it out?)

I love the idea of the Camelbaks, but at $50+ each, I’m not sure we should buy one for every member of the family. So I put them on our wishlist in the hopes that maybe a grandparent will think it makes a good early Christmas present. 🙂

Other than that, the only thing I wanted to shop for before we go is a new more zoomy lens for my camera. I haven’t done it yet because I’m afraid it’s going to be expensive. But it’s not like I can be all, “Oh I’ll just buy that later”… because seriously, this is it, the one and only trip to Asia.

The other day I was talking to the fireplace guy (we’re putting in a gas insert… which is part of a longer story about renovations that I shall share another time) and I said in what I thought was a joking, airy tone, “Well, we’re jetting off to Asia in December…” And then later it occurred to me that guy doesn’t know me and he probably thought I was serious, and like one of those people who does stuff like that and says things like that. One of these days (read: probably never) I really need to learn to THINK before I speak. And my point being, we don’t just jet off to Asia. It’s our third trip, but it’s the only one where we have control over where we go and when, and very likely the last time we’ll go as a family.

And on that note… I’m off to dig up my medical records. How I’ve made it this long without having one complete set of immunization records for myself is a mystery, but I shall rectify the situation post haste!

Oh wait! PS… Good news on Mary! From Rhonda’s FB post:

Well, we are home. Mary has not ran a fever since some time in the middle of our night last night. We hung around all day to just watch how she was tolerating the oral meds. The fever is being kept down with the oral meds. Her body is responding well to the antibiotics that she has been placed on also. So we have come home. Hospital care in Cambodia is not anything like it is in America and since the crisis is past, we can care for her and make her more comfortable here. The poor thing is like a pin cushion. I’ve helped her shower, get into bed, checked her temps, and she is resting surrounded by her special lovies. She gave me the first real smile I’ve seen all week. Chantal’s foot is healing also…Gina has been two days now without fever and has almost finished her course of antibiotics. We are very thankful that we caught this early and it wasn’t allowed to progress any further before action was taken.

Praise God!!


5 thoughts on “Ready, Set…

  1. Oh, the packing. I wish I was going to Asia, too, but I do not envy the packing. We’re driving to a city four hours away and I’m freaking about the packing!

    We plan to go to Vietnam in 2016. At least the kids won’t be 4 months and 14 months like they were the first time, so there will be a little less packing.

  2. It was bad. I can’t even imagine what we must have looked like! To top it off, Zoe puked on my before we even left the airport in Hanoi. I had a change of clothes, so I changed. Then she puked on me again as we were boarding in Hong Kong. I had no more changes of clothes, and Hong Kong is a LONG way from home.

    Oh, and did I mention that Noah had lots of food allergies and we packed 168 containers of baby food to take with us? (He ate eight a day, and we planned for three weeks.)

    In 2016, they will be 8, 9, and 10. Even though we have three now instead of two, I think that will be much better!

    1. Oh. my. gosh. Tracy! What an awful way to spend your flight home! YUCK. And 168 containers? Dude, you were hardcore. LOL. Yep, I can practically guarantee your 2016 trip will be much much better!

  3. I love Keen’s. They’re the perfect shoe. I wish I’d had my pair for our first trip! Don’t listen to your daughter, Keen’s of any color are awesome!

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