I Used Up All My Creative Shopping Juices

Three? Four? Days of A’zon list-making to complete a list for 30+ kids… which I did, and pretty darn well, if I do say so myself. (Ok, I had a little help with the teenage boys. But still!) It’s a good list, full of very affordable things. Really, I mean it. Check it out: Bykota/Benz Kids Wishlist
(You should know that I’m going to keep posting that link until people start shopping from that list. So if you want to save yourselves from day after day of nagging begging, just go ahead and click on it now and give a gift to a kid who will really truly appreciate it. 🙂 )

So now that the Bykota/Benz Kids Wishlist is done (like how I snuck it in there a second time? I’m sooo subtle) … now I need to shop for family. In the big extended family drawing, I got my sister’s four kids. Usually, this is a good thing because usually my sister and I talk often and she tells me stories about them and I get all this great inspiration for gifts without even trying. But this year my sister is juggling two jobs on top of all the usual mom busyness (it’s actually not a money thing. She’s just crazy like that) and we hardly have time to talk. So she emailed me a couple of ideas but they’re not all that helpful and I’m sitting here staring at the A’zon screen and my mind is a total blank. I’m just plumb out of good gift ideas. Which is kind of bad, given how I have not even bought a single Christmas gift yet.

For the adults I need to shop for, I’m thinking we can get stuff in Asia. The presents will be late, but they’ll be way cooler than anything I can buy here, don’t you think? And since our suitcase will be full of gifts for the Bykota/Benz kids (seriously. the sneakiest person I know.) on the way there, there will be plenty of room for souvenirs and gifts on the way home, right?

But for the kids, I need to shop now. What are your kids into right now? I’m shopping for ages 9-17, so I need a variety of ideas. Where do you go to get shopping inspired? I used to hit etsy, but lately that site is looking pretty pricey, so I don’t know.

{Abrupt segue because I don’t have a good transition sentence in mind}

So it turned out that the doctor DID take us all at once. Thank goodness. And the children were ever so happy because they didn’t have to get any shots. Oh wait, except Drew had to get the meningitis shot. But he was due for that anyway so he can’t blame it on the trip. (Which is good, because to be honest the boy is less than enthused about our big awesome trip. Something about being fifteen. And a completely non-adventurous eater. And an introvert. And addicted to the computer. But I digress.) They got the flu mist and we all got a prescription for the Typhoid vaccine which we take in pill form, over a number of days. Last time we got the Typhoid shot, but it only lasts two years, and was just recently recalled because the batch was ineffective or something. It’s just as well because the doctor said the pill is like 100% effective and lasts five years. Although since we’re only going to be there three weeks I guess that’s kind of overkill. But you know, should there be a Typhoid outbreak in our neighborhood, we’re set. The doctor said the Typhoid pill can give you stomach cramps, so we’re going to wait to start that AFTER Thanksgiving. Because how much would that suck? A lot, is how much.

Ha ha, Husband just came home and he stopped to buy a pack of Ho Ho’s. How sad is it that Hostess is out of business? So sad. I used to pack a Ho Ho or a Ding Dong in my lunch every single day. It is a wonder that I was so stinking skinny in high school, given my eating habits. I never bought them for my kids because I am a Good Mom and those things are rather far from nutritious. But now I feel bad, like I deprived them of a quintessentially American thing. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can give myself a guilt trip over anything. It’s a talent.

So that’s about enough procrastinating… time to head back to the online mall. At least until the pizza comes. It’s family movie night. Yay. I love Fridays. On the roster tonight: Another episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Dr. Who for kids! Awesome.


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