Two Weeks!


It may be that planning a huge three week trip to the other side of the world for right in the middle of the Christmas season was not the very best idea I ever had.  EGADS I am so stressed.

Shopping for all the usual family gifts, plus the Bykota/Benz gifts, plus all the stuff we need for our trip…

Christmas cards.  Really?  Must I?  I know I don’t need to but apparently I am physically unable to resist this tradition.  The sun came out over Thanksgiving break so I made everyone go outside and pose.  I hate the way we posed.  What was I thinking?  We look like one of those families from The Family Feud.  You know, in the beginning, when they are all posed looking like they’re in a picture frame?  That’s us.  Embarrassing.  The Just the Kids pose is a little better, but Quinn insists that I can’t sign the card from all six of us if only the four of them are in the picture.  Whatever.  I’m going to.  If I actually get around to ordering a card.  I spent like an hour yesterday on one site picking out a card and getting everything just so and then the stupid site froze on me and wouldn’t let me order.  ARGH.  Very. Annoying.

Photo books. I made one for Luke’s foster family. Got all the pictures in the right order, two pages for each year since we adopted him. Not easy, but do-able, especially since he’s only been here for six years. Now I’m working on Leah’s book, for her nanny, IF we fiind her. I was all breezy and carefree and uploaded the pictures without looking at dates because surely I can put them in order based on how babyish she looks, right? HA. I’m making myself crazy and I’m quite sure her nanny will not care what order the pictures are in. Sometimes I want to throw my OCD perfectionism right out the window.

School projects. Kill. Me. Now. I swear!! What the heck with the school projects during the holiday shopping season?!!! And for the love, can we PLEASE stop blaming “helicopter parents” for every problem whilst simultaniously sending home emails that say (and I quote) “If you would like to come and help your child set up their store you are welcome to, otherwise please make sure they come to school with all the supplies that they will need for their store.” This is a 3rd grade project. THIRD GRADE. A kid seriously can’t tape a poster to their desk their own dang selves???? This stupid freaking “Mall” project is going to be the death of me. First Luke came home and said “We get to have our own stores. My teacher said we can work in groups. I’m working with R__ and T___ so we need to plan some times to get together.” And I was like WHAT? Because we seriously do not have time for playdates masquerading as third grade work parties. (and if she wanted them to work in groups, why the heck not do it during school time?) But then it turned out Luke could work alone, so we went that route. Yeah, he’s like one of three or four kids working alone. Which means his store is not going to compete against those big box places. Oh and guess what he’s selling? Brownies. So, basically, it means he’s offshoring the job to mom. Fabulous. (yes, I will let him crack a freaking egg and stir the mix. But let’s get serious, that is going to be more work than if I actually did it myself.) Two weeks ago he filled out this form about his business plan and all that. Turned it in, got a good score. Then yesterday he comes home and says “My store has to have a name.” Um, why was that not on the form? DOH. So then even though he made a poster over the four day weekend, we had to quick make another sign with the name of his store on it. (And when I say “quick” I mean we had no time, not that it was actually quick to do. Especially given that he was looking to give his store some pizazz to better compete with the big groups and I was like “let’s add glitter!” and then had to spend thirty minutes in our garage digging through unpacked boxes looking for the craft box. Moving sucks.)

I’m just full of the jolly holiday spirit today, aren’t I?

Speaking of that, want to see all the decorating I’ve done? Check it out:

I call this “The Transition: A musing on the transitory nature of our lives as amplified through our holiday decorating.”

Fabulous, no? I’m pretty sure Martha Stewart is going to feature me in her holiday issue next year.

Meanwhile, we’re also going ahead on a project to convert the wood fireplace to gas (WAAAAY more complicated than I expected) and add some built in shelves, so I’ve got various electricians and chimney sweeps and masons and fireplace guys coming and going and messing with my free time. I do not know why we didn’t elect to put this project off until next year. No wait, I do. It’s because I am dying to sit in front of a fire on all these long dark rainy days and we have no wood. Come February when this project is done, I shall be happy. Or, we’ll have a freakishly early sunny spring this year, because I am the very personification of Murphy’s Law.

Do you know I was going to do a long post about Leah and how things are going with the ADHD meds and also some interesting turns that things have taken in the nanny search… but that stuff seems very out of place in this long rant. So, I shall do it later. Maybe. If I find the time. Promise.


2 thoughts on “Two Weeks!

  1. Ummm, Chris? …Sweetie?

    Just breathe. Everything’s going to be fine. Don’t make your load heavier than it needs to be. Try to focus on what matters most in the coming weeks and Just. Do. Those. Things. And only those things. Don’t let the unnecessary crap steal your joy and excitement. Choose to skip the crap. Say that with me… “I choose to skip the crap.”

    Now say, “Oh, Captain, my Captain.”

    …That one had nothing to do with anything. I just wanted someone to call me ‘Captain.’

    Of course, this is one of those “do as I say…” kinda things. You know that, right? But that doesn’t change the awesome rightness of it. I am, as always, awesomely right, yes?

    I’m so excited for you! You’re going to have an amazing, unforgettable, life-changing experience! You will be blessed and be a blessing to others! How great is that?

    And you won’t even go to hell if the Christmas cards don’t get mailed. I’m like 98.4% sure of it.

    1. “Oh, Captain, my Captain” 🙂
      I know you’re right Michelle, I need to choose to skip the crap. I think my problem is having the clarity to know what is crap and what really needs to be done.
      But good news! Both photo books and the christmas cards are ordered! WOOT. And I’m trying not to think about the fact that if I had finished the books just a couple of days sooner I wouldn’t have had to pay an extra $16 for priority shipping. Oh well!

      I’m also tormenting myself this morning because on the way to school today as Luke and I were discussing his little brownie store it suddenly occurred to me that if he had little ziploc baggies and/or cute small christmas themed paper plates kids could buy brownies to eat later or to take home. And then I thought “I should go buy some and drop them at his school during set up time.” Yes, I seriously did. And then I mentally smacked myself.

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