We Need A Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute

christmas trees
Little trees for our little bit of Christmas before we fly…

christmas cookies
Gingerbread cookies, because it isn’t Christmas until the kids have slathered icing on the cookies (and made one or two “Zombie” gingerbread men).

Leah snowflake lane
And we even found SNOW! (Ok, it’s actually tiny soap bubbles. It’s as close as our city can get this week, and we’ll take it! It was magical! Add some drummers drumming and snowflake princesses and a polar bear and a couple of red nosed reindeer, and it was a very festive and fun evening, even for the 15 year old who was not all that enthused about going.)

Only TWO days until we go! The gifts for Bykota House and Luke’s orphanage are packed in double-layered duffle bags and our clothes are about half packed. More packing to do, more cleaning (we have house-sitters staying here. That means the house has to be clean! Ack!)… and presents wrapped and under the trees by tomorrow evening! Busy busy busy!

I absolutely WILL be posting from Asia, internets and time permitting!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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