All This Day Needed Was A Shot In The Arse

The shot (steroids) kicked in by this morning… hives gone. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank the good Lord.

We were out the door and headed for Angkor Wat by 8:30am. The original plan was to do Angkor Wat in the afternoon, when the lighting is better, but after our guide saw what wimps we are yesterday, he decided to play it safe and do the big one first, in case we got too tired to do them all. Silly man. So long as we aren’t being thwacked by sticks, we can tour with the best of them. Anyway, the order didn’t matter, we loved them all. I could try to describe them in words but that would be silly. I’ll try to post a couple of pics tonight and you’ll get the whole tour in a few days when we are back home and I have good internet again.

Okay, I’ll tell you a few things. First of all, did you know that Siem Reap means “Defeat Thailand”? There’s quite the inter-country feud going back a long long time between those two countries. (There were border skirmishes just last year, so obvs it’s not altogether over yet). And once upon a time the capital of Cambodia was at Angkor Thom. It was a huge city, with a walled area that was 9 square meters and even had it’s own olympic style stadium. The Thai invaded and burned down all the wooden structures. And another time, the Thai decided they wanted to move all of Angkor Wat into their territory. But it turned out that moving tons of giant stones is kinda’ hard, so instead they just beheaded a bunch of the statues. I think that’s why Cambodians get a bit of a proud grin every time they say “Siem Reap.”

Cambodia has also had quite a few skirmishes with the Vietnamese. In one of the temples there were these long carved bas reliefs that told their history and a good part of them were dedicated to a three year war with the Cham, a people who were independent, got defeated by the Vietnamese, tried to take some land from the Cambodians, failed, and went back to Vietnam. Also, did you know that the French, whilst in control of both Cambodia and Vietnam in the early 1950’s just took a chunk out of Cambodia and gave it to Vietnam? That chunk? Ho Chi Minh City. Suddenly, I am understanding the big picture of 20th century history a lot better.

Anyway, here’s the two pictures Husband got with his phone camera that he could email to me. (The hundreds of others are downloaded onto Quinn’s computer. That girl is very possessive of her laptop. Big mistake not to bring mine along. Oh well.)

First one… some of the famous “four faces” carvings, I think at Angkor Thom, but I’d have to check the guidebook to be sure and I’m too lazy to do that just now:

So sorry. The internet does not like me tonight. I will try to post them tomorrow. In the meantime, use your imagination. ๐Ÿ™‚

{The internet so didn’t like me it didn’t even let this post through! Next morning…}

Ancient Cambodians playing chess… from a bas relief at Angkor Thom.

The four faces statues also at Angkor Thom (in an area called Bayon)


And PS… TWO, count them TWO shots in the derriere and here I am this morning… with more hives. I give up. We just emailed our travel agent and asked if there’s any way we can go home a day or two early. I know the chances of getting 6 seats on a flight at this late date are slim and none, but I figured it didn’t hurt to ask.


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