I Think I Drew The Short Straw

Happy Friday Everyone!

WOOT. I love Fridays. They are awesome. For one thing, no homework. I mean yes, the kids have homework, but they don’t have to do it today. Thereby making my afternoon 100000% better. (math is my best subject. obvs.)

Also on Friday, no dinner to cook. Because at our house, every Friday is Family Movie Night. Which means ordering pizza and watching something family-friendly on our big screen. (As Joey Tribbiani says “What’s Friday with no two pizzas?” … sorry, maybe I’m the only one who remembers that quote?) We’ve watched a LOT of family movies and old TV shows over the years. Our current addiction is The Sarah Jane Adventures, a spin-off of Doctor Who made for the pre-teen set. Sadly we’re down to the last few episodes and then the woman who plays Sarah Jane, Elisabeth Sladen, died very unexpectedly from cancer. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sobbing like a baby. (It doesn’t generally take much to make me cry. But when I’m attached to a character/actor and they die in real life? Ugh, devastating!) My emotional breakdown is slightly delayed however because netflix wasn’t on the ball and didn’t get the disc to us in time for tonight. So instead we’ll watch a very similar style show, The Sparticle Mystery. It’s also from BBC but in that one all the adults have somehow disappeared. Fun times!

In case it’s not obvious to you, our family loves science fiction. LOOOOOVES. Thus it is quite a big and exciting deal that three of us are going to the Emerald City Comicon this weekend. Sadly, *I* am not one of the three. Husband is going with Quinn and Drew, while I stay home with Luke and Leah. Luke starts chess lessons on Saturday morning. And then in the afternoon a boy from his class is coming over so they can work on a project together.

So while they are off meeting the likes of Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton … I will be driving the mom taxi and doing a crafty homework project with two nine year old boys. I SO drew the short straw on this one. Felicia Day!! From Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and Eureka and scads of other stuff including this incredibly hysterical short video, Scary Smash, that also features Joss Whedon…

And Wil Wheaton! (I literally can’t say or think his name without hearing Sheldon’s voice in my head.) (Big Bang Theory.) (Tell me you knew that.)

So here’s the thing… for $30 each or $60 for both of them together (!!!) my kids could get a photo with Felicia and Wil. Do you think they’d let both kids be in the one photo and just charge $60? Or will they be all stingy and charge double? Because I really really want that photograph. I won’t make up for not being there, but it will come somewhat close. Yes the three of them are Level One Introverts, but surely they can do this one little thing for me. It seems the very least they can do. Don’t you agree?


One thought on “I Think I Drew The Short Straw

  1. I hear Sheldon’s voice saying Wil Wheaton, too!!!! Funny! I can’t believe you don’t get to go, but it sounds like they’ll have so much fun! And I predict, yeah- they’re totally going to be all stingy and charge for both kids. Pay it.

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