Thursday Brain Dump

So the Husband is away on a work trip, again. Apparently that whole “when I take this new position I won’t have to travel for work anymore” thing was a bit of a baldfaced LIE. Whatever. He travels less, and this trip is only two days, and so far nothing catastrophic has happened. Not for lack of trying, mind you.

Luke has the stomach bug. I’m quite afraid it is the freakishly horrible 10-day one that I’ve heard so much about this winter. We’re on Day 3 now. Which is long for a normal stomach bug, but he hasn’t actually tossed his cookies today (he just keeps saying it “hurts” and making faces) so maybe we’re coming to the end? That would be nice. Especially since he seems to have passed it on to Leah. She is only complaining of a very bad headache and a stomach ache thus far, so for all I know she’s taking advantage of my raging paranoia of all things nausea-related. I swear, there is no kind of “ill” I’d like less than that. I’ve been spraying the house with lysol every few minutes and yelling “wash your hands! with warm water! and soap! FOR REAL!” a lot.

Meanwhile, Quinn is home on spring break. WOOT. Especially good timing given the aforementioned work trip, because that meant I didn’t have to get the sick kids out of bed this morning at O’Dark Thirty when I took Drew to school. Also we are taking advantage of the girls’ nights to find out what all the Downton Abbey fuss is about.

Turns out, it’s a rather good show. I actually tried to watch the pilot episode last year, on a terrible cross country flight where we were bounced around so violently I was absolutely certain we were going to DIE. That may have colored my attitude toward the show unfairly. Also, the storyline with the footman and the houseguest was a bit off-putting, to be honest. But upon a second watching, we found many redeeming qualities and now we are on episode 4? 5? and positively addicted. Don’t you dare tell me a single spoiler! I know somebody dies! I don’t want to know who or how or why! La la la la, I can’t hear you, All Of Facebook!

And on the other end of the house, we have a workman doing workman-ish things in the family room. Installing new shelves, but more complicated and time consuming and therefore hopefully more fabulous as well. I’ll post pictures after. For now it’s all draped in plastic to control the dust and just means that Quinn and I can’t take the dog for a walk because the Littles are home and I can’t leave sick kids alone with a strange workman. It is all about me, you do know that, don’t you?

Hey I never told you what happened at the comic-con thing…sorry, I know you’ve been just hanging for two solid weeks, anxiously wondering if my darling children got photographed with Real Live Celebrities. Short answer? Nope. They gave me some excuse about super long lines and crowds and blah blah blah – whatever, ruin your mother’s life, it’s fine, it’s fine. (Every now and then the Jewish/Italian Mother in me pops out; it can’t be helped.) (Yes, I have both Jewish and Italian in my lineage. Guilt. It’s What’s For Dinner.) As a consolation prize, Husband took these photos for me:

Felicia Day

Wil Wheaton

They’re playing cards, apparently. So, proof they were in the same building, but not really worthy of putting on my mantle. I do so much, and ask for so little…

So, that’s what’s new with me; What’s new with you? What’s your current TV addiction? (Anyone else watching Once Upon a Time? Did you see they’re bringing the hottie Sheriff back? How exactly will they do that, given that Regina ripped out his heart and crushed it to dust? Inquiring minds want to know.) Seen any good movies lately? I was thinking of taking the kids to see Oz, but I’m worried it might be too scary for Luke… thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Thursday Brain Dump

  1. I LOVE Downton Abbey. Isn’t the Dowager the best? Any scene she’s in is going to be good. I was late to the DA party too but thankfully a few of the neighbors were obsessed a long time ago & had purchased the first two seasons.

    No new TV addictions here. I was sad to see 30 Rock end.

    I think Oz would scar T~ for life so we won’t be seeing that one anytime soon. We just rented Wreck-It Ralph last night. Meh. It’s not one I’d see again.
    How’s that for a stream of consciousness comment?

  2. I forget… How old is Luke? My daughter just saw Oz and enjoyed it but said there were a few moments here and there that would’ve been too scary for her little brother (but he’s only 4).
    And I won’t give any Downton spoilers, but I will say that those “off-putting” parts with the footman you mentioned are not a true reflection of the show’s content, overall. Doesn’t happen often. I LOVE Downton Abbey. I love the clothes, I love the accents… Sigh. I love it all. Not in the overly-obsessed, creepy, “get-a-life” kind of way, though. No. Not at all. That said, the wait between seasons just about kills me so I have to watch reruns (quite a few times). I love Violet’s dry, sarcastic comments and her interactions with Isobel. When I’m old, I’m going to sit around insulting my family members the way Violet does. I think I’ll be quite good at it.

  3. We’ve finished all of season one and just started season two and I agree with you both – The Dowager/Violet is the best. That scene with the swivel chair was high-larious. And did you notice that they’ve been aging Anna so it will look more appropriate for her and Mr. Bates to fall in love? Of course now he’s gone and left and I’m distraught but hopeful he will be back? (Don’t tell me!! I shall just have to watch every episode until I find out!) And every time I think I can’t hate Mrs. O’Brien more she does something even more awful. The soap? OH MY WORD. That’s all I’m saying, so as not to spoil for anyone else!! 🙂

    Oh and Luke is 9. And he does get nightmares from movies so I have to be somewhat careful. But we watch PG stuff sometimes, so he’s not totally fragile.

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