Time To Shop For The Cambodian New Year!

Yes, there is still one MORE New Year celebration left this year! IMHO, the Cambodians have it right… the New Year SHOULD start in April, when all the world is new and pretty! (That might not be their reason, but I still think it makes a lot of sense!)

And dude, I’m on a roll today, if I do say so myself! Check out these new designs!

Stickers! Perfect for giving out to classmate, or friends, or at a Cambodian New Year Party…

Also available as a Tee! WOOT!

Isn’t this one pretty? I photographed those flowers at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh myself!

I know, this is only thrilling to you if you celebrate the Cambodian New Year, but let’s just be happy for me that I had a creative thought… a rare occurance these days, let me tell you!


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