In Which I Bang My Head Against The Proverbial Wall But Only Because A Real Wall Would Hurt Too Much

Remember a few weeks back when Husband and the teens went to a really fun comic-con where they got to see famous people and have lots of fun while I stayed home with the Littles and oversaw a working playdate for Luke? The purpose of that working playdate was to prepare for a school “mall” where kids host “stores” and sell real items for classroom dollars. It was the second such mall-day. The first time around, Luke hosted a store by himself, because I hate group projects, even more since I had kids than when I had to deal with them myself. But this time I let him partner with a friend – the same kid who he’d gotten in trouble for fighting with. I thought it would be good and bonding or something stupid like that. So Luke and this kid, let’s call him Archie (because no one names their kid that anymore, so no one will think I’m talking about their kid), Luke and Archie decided to sell brownies (baked by me), rice crispy treats (made by Archie’s mom) and “squishies” – balloons filled with rice such that they make good fidget/stress toys. The idea of the squishies came about because Luke has had trouble with being fidgety at school this year, so I made him one and then various kids in his class proceeded to steal and then break the thing. So I figured if he sold them, everyone could have one of their own and leave his alone. We made those too. The day Archie came over the boys made a commercial for their store – we tied strings to some of the squishies (with faces drawn on them) and the boys bounced them around like marionettes and said stuff like “let’s go to the store”. It was cute, it took like 32 tries to get decent video footage for a one minute commercial and Husband had to put it all together into a seamless thing later. They also made a poster for their store. And then for the last thirty minutes they played xbox. Oh and Archie copied the “store plan” right off of Luke’s paper. Because they were partners, of course.

A week and a half later, when it was time for the store… Luke was sick. He got sick Tuesday, the store was Thursday, so I didn’t let him even pretend to help make the brownies. But I still made them, because even if he wasn’t well enough for the store, we couldn’t let his partner down. For heaven’s sake, the commercial advertised brownies. And then I delivered the individually wrapped brownies and the box of squishes to school on the day of the store. And I sent a link for the commercial, so the teacher could show it to the class.

Fast forward almost a week, when Luke was finally over whatever that stupid virus was and went back to school. Archie tells him, no, he’s not going to split the proceeds from the store, because after all, Luke wasn’t there. When I heard that I was like “NO. And more NO. You (ahem *I*) did MORE than half of the work for that store and provided MORE than half the goods that were sold… you deserve at least half of the proceeds. If he can not understand that, you need to tell him that the two of you have to talk with the teacher and come to an agreement.” Big surprise, when given the ultimatum, Archie agreed to split the proceeds. But the money was at home. And he just keeps “forgetting” to bring Luke his share. For like three days now. And on top of that? Today Luke told me they never showed the freaking commercial. You guys, I seriously almost had a breakdown when I accidentally deleted one of the takes because I was afraid it was the good one and I ruined his commercial. Husband spent like two hours on the thing. And his teacher never freaking showed it to the class. I think I might cry right now.

All that work. For NOTHING. Less than nothing. Archie still has my sharpie pens that I threw in the squishies box so the kids could draw faces on them. And this? Is why I HATE group projects. Hate. With a passion.

That is all.


One thought on “In Which I Bang My Head Against The Proverbial Wall But Only Because A Real Wall Would Hurt Too Much

  1. The kids make real money on the mall? Either way I’d be ticked the kid stole Luke’s money.

    I too hate group projects. I hosted one this winter that nearly did me in. The kids mine was partnered with are good kids & they worked well together – until it was time to clean up. Then the one disappeared & the other looked like he’d never seen a trash bag before.

    I feel your pain…

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