Dearest Spring,

Welcome Back! You have been sorely missed.


And your timing was simply impeccable this year. 70 degrees, beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine for Easter? Nothing short of miraculous.

And even though my bizarre Cambodian allergic reaction decided to reappear just in time for Easter morning (Puffed lips, half closed eye… cue the panic!) all was not lost. Thank God. Two kinds of allergy medicine and livestreaming of our church’s service (while the rest of the family attended in person) brought the day back around.

By the time Husband and the kids returned, the swelling was mostly gone and I was even dressed appropriately for the day. And ready for our “brunch”… which in our non-planning super-casual family meant a stop at S’bucks for drinks and pastries which we then ate picnic style at a park down the road. It was relaxed, it was yummy, it was just right. And then, because my family loves me so (and they’ve learned there’s no point in arguing) we took a little walk to a pond where we set up the mini-tripod and took some family pictures. (Note to self: Next time, either find a *higher* spot for the camera, or make everyone sit down! The Towering Giant look is not all that flattering) Also, because I’m a hopeless shutterbug, I took a lot of pictures on the way to/from the pond. What? I can’t help myself. When I’m happy I just want to preserve every. single. second.


After that, there was the traditional egg coloring, closely followed by the traditional egg hunt…



And then, because it was such a ridiculously nice day, Husband and the kids went for a bike ride. (I would have gone along too, but we only have one woman’s bike, and Quinn was riding it.)


Never let it be said that we wasted a perfect spring day.

It was a very good day. In fact, the only thing not good about it was that it had to end.

Husband took Quinn back to school after dinner, the kids got ready for bed, and suddenly there we were, on the eve of another school day. I had to console myself with the thought that in just one more week the three younger kids are on spring break.

A thought which would be much more cheering if we were actually going anywhere that week. Other than a dental appointment and the usual vision therapy for Luke. Whoopee.

However, should you, Dearest Spring, decide to give us a couple of days like yesterday, I might decide that “Staycation” isn’t such a bad word after all. Pretty please? With marshmallow peeps on top?


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