ARGH @#$!!*&

Husband couldn’t find his phone this morning. Guess where it was?

On Luke’s pillow.

So I woke Luke up, a good 45 minutes early, at 7am. Figured he clearly isn’t tired enough at night or something. I don’t know. I’m desperate.

He screamed and cried at breakfast and said he didn’t take the phone, “someone” must have taken it and put it there. Is he that adament of a liar? Or did Leah put it there? And how would I ever know?

I am SO. OVER. this phase. This getting up at night, sneaking things they aren’t supposed to have or do, being tired and cranky the next day phase. I would like it to be done now please.

And then, this morning, I got an email from his teacher:

I’ve been noticing that Luke is increasingly having a difficult time with focus in class. Often he is staring off into space or roaming around the room during lessons and independent work time. I am worried because as he is doing this his grades are dropping. I know that Luke is very bright but he is missing a lot of important information when he is not paying attention in class. Could you please let me know if you are noticing this as well at home?


I can guess this is related to the middle of the night troubles, but what if it isn’t? What if it’s ADHD? What if it’s some other issue/thing?

I’m tired. I’m mentally exhausted of trying to wrap my head around what the heck my kids are doing and why. I’m on the fence about homeschooling Leah and my first thought after getting that email was “Maybe I should homeschool Luke too.” But I tried that last year – albiet without any planning and in a tiny cramped apartment but still! – it was TERRIBLE. Such a battle of wills all the stinking time. I really don’t think I could hold onto my sanity if I tried it again.

I’m so ready for this school year to be over. And we still have two full months left. ARGH.

ps. Just so you know my life isn’t all this and I am capable of parenting kids who don’t constantly baffle and frustrate me, I shall brag on my older two kids. Quinn just got accepted to a very exclusive (only 20 accepted) writing workshop where she will be mentored by the likes of Tamora Pearce and Scott Westerfeld. (Me = Proud + Jealous) And Drew got accepted into an “early college” summer program on digital gaming at a nearby college that is very highly ranked in that area. Neither one of them has stolen anything or wandered their classrooms lately. So there’s that.


3 thoughts on “ARGH @#$!!*&

  1. Oh man. That would make me nuts. All I can say is that we had a kid like this and he’s grown now and, by all accounts, a successful member of society despite MUCH bigger odds against him than Luke and way way less parenting (he’s my stepson so I’m not ragging on myself here! LOL)

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