In Which I Embrace The Cliche Wholeheartedly

I love my writing class. I love everything about it.

I love going to Blackboard to look at my assignments – Mine! – not my kids, MINE. I love the readings. Some of them are weird or even a little profane and totally different from anything I’d ever read by choice and sometimes I sit there thinking “What am I doing?” and then I read everyone else’s reactions to the readings in the online discussion and suddenly I see things there I didn’t see before and I just love that.

I love the assignments. Even when I hate them. Like on Sunday when I had to quickly – without thinking – fill in 15 off the wall metaphors and then take them and weave them into a surreal style story and it was just not working at all. I mean it was terrible. The metaphors I’d written were horrid and the “story” that sprang from them was lame and ridiculous and terrible and it didn’t matter because we always have the option to use one of our daily prompt writings in place of the assignment if we want. And one of the prompts “Let me be your Virgil to…” was really fun and easy to flow with and for once my problem was I had too much and had to edit it down! (Mind you, before I even started the prompt I first had to go online and find out what it meant to be a “Virgil” to someone, wherein I disovered, “Virgil’s work has had wide and deep influence on Western literature, most notably the Divine Comedy of Dante, in which Virgil appears as Dante’s guide through hell and purgatory.” OHHH. Gotcha. Being someone’s Virgil means telling them about a hellish experience. (In our case, erring on the side of humor. Which, I love. Did I mention I love everything about my class?)

I love my binder. Other people in the class have sophisticated apps and programs in which to organize everything and they know tricks to quickly scan the discussion forum. Not me. I have to carefully scroll down looking for the ones in bold because I can’t figure out that trick. And I need actual tangible papers in front of me. So I printed out all the readings and all the assignments (thus far) and put them in my very own bright pink binder with brand spankin new dividers. I didn’t go out and buy them because that would be decadent – they were left over from the beginning of the school year when we always end up buying far more than the kids ever need or use. But they are new and now they are mine. My binder is organized and pretty and I love it.

Know what else I love? I’m writing. Sure, most of it is crap that will never see the light of day, but so what? I wrote a poem. An honest to God poem and I think it’s even pretty good. It’s about hail, if you must know. No schmaltzy romance poetry for me! (Or at least, not this one, not now. Who knows? Maybe next week I will get schmaltzy! You never can tell!)

I seriously don’t know why I waited so long to do this. It’s awesome! And because I love you all so, I’ll share one of our assigned “texts” with you… which is actually a Ted Talk. And yeah, it’s the woman who wrote Eat Pray Love and I have all kinds of attitudes and biases about that, but the talk? Is really good. So if you have the tiniest inkling of wanting to write, or if you’re just in the mood for a motivational and interesting Ted Talk, check it out:


2 thoughts on “In Which I Embrace The Cliche Wholeheartedly

    1. Thanks Michelle! I’m sure the fact that it is sunny and 65-70 degrees this week doesn’t hurt either. 🙂 (it’s a little ridiculous how much my mood can be affected by the weather!)

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