We Have Ways…

(In my head, that title is said in a Russian accent. I couldn’t figure out how to write it properly. “Vee ‘Ave Ways” looked too weird and pirate-y. Just work with me here and use your imagination.)

So remember this post where I was all “how do I know if my kid took my husbands phone in the middle of the night?” … and “Why is he having trouble focusing at school?”

Check out this chart:

z phone usuage chart

You know what this is? This is the date usage on husband’s phone between the hours of 9pm – 7am. You know, when husband isn’t using his phone. Guess who was? Yup, that’d be Luke. From around the 20th of February, when we went on a short vacation and he overheard Husband’s cell phone lock code, until late April when we finally clued in that he had the code and Husband changed it, the boy was using the phone to go to YouTube, play games and surf the web in the wee hours of the night on at least 34 nights. Thirty-Four. For like HOURS. Is it any wonder he was losing focus at school?? Good Grief.

So the reason we clued in was because I broke down and bought a video baby monitor. The camera is in his room, pointed at his bed and yet he STILL snuck down and took Hubby’s phone – which is how I caught him in the act and we realized he knew the code.

That is what my child has brought me to. I have a freaking camera pointed at his bed and I watch him sleep. Cute for babies, downright creepy for 9 year olds. But it works. Or, at least I think it does. Because I still sleep, so if he’s quiet enough, he could still get away with something.

It really stinks not being able to trust your own kid.

Also, I’m going to start him on Melatonin tonight. We hadn’t before because my understanding is that is helps you fall asleep, but not necessarily stay asleep and he seems to have no trouble going to sleep at night. But I’m desperate at this point.

And, we’ll probably get him into therapy this summer. We’d do it sooner but the therapist only has daytime (school) hours available and I’m not yanking him from school, he’s already behind enough as is.

Fun times!

And don’t you think I’m just the awesomest parent ever? I know, I probably belong on this list: 24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing


3 thoughts on “We Have Ways…

  1. Oh, no you don’t! Don’t you dare go beating yourself up about this! You’re doing exactly what you nee to do to help you child get over his sneakiness. Me? I’m pulling my kid off of field trip school buses and taking him home to have him do a TON of housework to help him get over his cruddy attitude. We do what we have to so we can help them now while they’re still trainable. Hang in there! You’re doing a fantastic job! 🙂

  2. One word on the Melatonin… don’t be surprised if he starts complaining of a headache in the mornings. It’s a common side-effect of the supplement. I used to take Melatonin until I couldn’t put up with the headaches any more.

  3. You can get time release Melatonin. It might help. My 12 year old has a cup of sleepytime tea with honey and 3-5 mg of melatonin every night. We’ve never had any issues with headaches. However, a month ago we ran out of both Melatonin and sleepytime tea at the same time. Oh my! The girl was out of bed every hour on the hour. It’s been a real sanity saver at our house.

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