This Is My Victory Dance

The Housing Office at Quinn’s university called this afternoon. They reconsidered their decision. She can live off campus next year, like all the other seniors.

We hadn’t even exhausted all our avenues yet!!

Though we did contact the Dean of the University…

And we got the director of the program at her last college to call him and tell him why it was most appropriate to allow Quinn to move off campus…

And Quinn got interviewed for her school newspaper about the injustice of the Housing system’s age requirement.

To think, that Housing woman told me a couple of weeks ago that my means of appealing had been exhausted and the decision was final. HA!

I’m a Mama. My options aren’t exhausted until *I* say so.


It feels SO good when things actually work out the way they are supposed to. I’m going to sit here and enjoy this victory for a little while. It’s been a rough couple of months.


4 thoughts on “This Is My Victory Dance

  1. That is AWESOME! What a great life lesson for her too! To learn at such a great age that fighting for what you believe is worth the effort? Priceless!!

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