If School Is Ending, Why Am I Getting BUSIER?

I had a dream last night that we were at my dad and step-mom’s house in upstate New York and there was a huge earthquake. Well, not huge huge… just lots of rolling and really scary feeling. Nothing collapsed or anything. (I’ve been through a lot of earthquakes now and have never seen any actual destruction. I should probably (1) thank God for this and (2) pray to keep the streak going.) Anyway… so there was a big-ish earthquake and I’m yelling “I can’t believe once AGAIN I’m in a place that isn’t supposed to get earthquakes and we’re getting an earthquake!” (It happened for real, two years ago in N. VA… scared the bejezus out of me.) and Husband said “I think that’s the biggest quake we’ve ever had, it had to be at least a 7!” And then I woke up and remembered that my dad and step-mom are coming in just three days and my house is a total end-of-the-school-year disaster. My sub-conscious is really not all that hard to decipher.

So the last day of school is finally here. If you hear some crazy woman singing the hallelujah chorus, it’s just me. I’ve been counting down since late May. But now that the day is finally here, I stopped and glanced at our calendar. Great Scott we’ve got a heckuva lot of stuff coming up in the next few weeks. Two more birthdays, our anniversary, two visits from my parents (They are doing an Alaska cruise in the middle. Because that’s what we are now – a place to visit on your way to/from your cruise ship. Whatever. I’m cool with it) … also a quick weekend at the beach and the fourth of July. All good, just busy. Too busy to squeeze in Leah’s 12th birthday party. Ooops. Summer birthdays are a bummer that way. We tried to plan something this Friday, but already, just two days after school’s out, one of her friends is busy. Ay carumba. (I can’t spell that phrase, much less translate it, but I’m hoping it just means “Ack” and not any actual bad words. I know I could have just said “Ack” but “Ay Carumba” has so much more flair.)

The house is so quiet right now. I just closed my eyes and savored it for a minute. It’s not going to be this quiet for two and a half months.

I like summer noises, I’m just living in the moment.

Oh also, the kids have a “tree house” (put in quotations because it’s a playhouse on stilts built very very close to the trees and not attached to any trees… it feels deceitful to call it a tree house, but playhouse is too babyish) – Leah runs straight out there after school and stays until I call her for dinner. Luke goes there too, sometimes, usually not for the whole afternoon, but there is hope that they will stay outside for some significant periods of time this summer. In Virginia, I pretty much gave up on sending them outside in the summer because it was so stinking hot and muggy and buggy. But here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where 80 is considered very hot and we don’t have A/C so the outside is actually cooler? That “tree house” is looking mighty attractive. Maybe I’ll go there and send them back inside the house. Ha ha. Kidding! Mostly.

Meanwhile… I have a house to clean. Laundry to do. Wife to murder and Gildar to frame for it. I’m swamped.

So I’ll just leave you with this homage to the last day of school. Because it’s a tradition around these parts.


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