There’s A Reason I Had Four Kids

Four kids means instant playdates. There’s always a buddy around and all of them know my rules and obey my voice. (ha. I’m funny. Okay, perhaps they’re not all that obedient. But I can punish them if they aren’t!) It’s a good system and it works.

Right up until three of them go off to do their own things.

The oldest is away for 10 days at a writing workshop in PA.
Older brother is gone all day, M-F, at a pre-college program.
Younger sister is off at adoptee camp for the next four days.

Leaving youngest brother Luke home alone, with only me for entertainment. Woe is him.

Partly because he’s the youngest of four, and partly because it’s who he was from the minute he joined our family at age 3 1/2, Luke is not good at entertaining himself. This morning he sat on the couch and stared at me while I ate my breakfast at the kitchen table. For a long time. My prompting to “Go do something!” led him to tinker with a lego creation, for a little while, and then talk about it to me, for a long while.

So then I took him to our neighborhood park where there’s a small lake to splash in. That killed about an hour and a half.

Have I mentioned that I am not good at entertaining children? One might question why I studied to be a teacher. I know I have. I like kids. I love kids. I’m just not good at entertaining them.

That said, I feel for Luke. The house is awful quiet and lonely this week.


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