Time For Some Reader Participation!

There’s this book I want you to read. It’s a true story, about a couple that adopts from Cambodia, and then later searches for answers about their daughter’s beginnings. I didn’t write it. But there’s a few chapters in there that I probably could have – except I don’t have the author’s acerbic wit. I want you to read it, not just because it’s about something that relates to me personally, but because I think there’s a universality to the story that will resonate with everyone. I’d tell you more, but as River Song says,

So here’s what I propose: You all read the book, and then come back here and let’s have a good ol’ fashioned Book Club! We’re talking deep (but fun!) discussion here, with friends, and drinks – if you bring ’em to your computer with you. Here’s the book:

Third Time Charmed: what adopting an orphan taught me about love, loss & luck

It’s available in paperback for just under $12 or $6 for the Kindle version.

I’ve been dying to discuss this book ever since I read it. (I was a “Beta” reader, so I actually read it like three times, and every time I had the urge to discuss!) Whatever your background – Adoptive Parent, Adoptee, Birth Parent, or Regular Person Who Likes To Read A Good Book, I want to hear your perspective and thoughts. Even if they don’t agree with mine. It’s that kind of book – it challenges your preconceptions and kind of pushes you out of your comfort zone a little. But with a dash of humor, so you don’t feel all weighed down after you read it. Have I convinced you yet? Good! Let me know in the comments if you’re in, and we’ll pick a date to meet back and discuss. And please feel free to pass this invite on to your friends – the more the merrier!


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