Growing Up

At this moment my (eighteen year old) daughter is picking up my (sixteen year old) son from school. This is sweet and helpful and wonderful and also stresses me out because she’s only had her license a couple of months and every single time she gets behind the wheel I imagine getting The Phone Call and my stomach clenches. I seriously wonder if that will ever go away. It really doesn’t help that Drew is just months away from getting his license. I am not old enough to have two kids driving. I also don’t have that strong of a stomach.

Quinn signed a lease on her apartment at school last weekend. My kid signed a lease. Yes, we pay the rent, but its her name on that document and she’s the one with the landlord and again, how am I old enough for this? It’s a pretty good house that she’ll be sharing with five other girls (one bathroom. ONE. Good luck, girls!) and it’s like one block from campus and also one block from a Vietnamese food truck. It’s going to be a good year. It’s also her last year of college. And since this year she’s rooming with friends, it’s likely she’ll come home a lot less than she did last year.

All of this is in the back of my mind as we count down the days until she moves in to the apartment and starts school. I’ve got two and a half weeks left.

This morning, after I got Luke off to school I came home and woke up Quinn and we went for a run together. Don’t have a heart attack, I’m not a “runner” by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a slow paced jog punctuated by fast walking when I can’t jog another step. But the great part is that Quinn and I go at the same pace. Every time we go out I think “don’t take this for granted” – I feel the moment all the way down in my bones, and commit it to the deepest part of my memory. She’s growing up way too fast.

After the “run” we came home and showered and then we went out to run errands. First a stop at St*rbucks and then to the craft store for some gauzy white ribbon for the dog. I’m making Quinn have senior portraits done next week and the dog is going to be in some of them and clearly she needs a giant white bow around her neck. From there we went to H*me Depot to get paint so Quinn can paint all her recently purchased second hand furniture antique white. The same color as the canopy bed that she inherited from her aunt and had all of her growing up years until I accidentally broke it. (“It’s okay mom, it was a Twin” she said, to make me feel better today.)

I love this time with her. The younger kids all in school and its just us, girl time, every day. I wish I could hit “pause” and make it last longer. Those days when she was little and the days felt so long and I was frustrated at being “stuck” at home with the kids all day… I kind of miss them now. They go so much faster than you ever imagine they possibly could.


3 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Yes!! D has had his license for 2.5 years and there isn’t a day I don’t think the same thing about getting The Call. And T gets his license this time next month. Gulp.

    You are so wise to soak it up. I am trying to do the same. I love these moments and can’t believe how fast it all passed. Sigh.

  2. Is your main objective to make me cry by this post???
    Good grief… Pains in my heart… Kids growing WAY too fast… Need pause now…

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