In Which I Stubbornly Cling To My Optimism

Ah September. The days are getting crisper (and soggier), the school routines are getting in place, and all seems possible and exciting again.

We went to Leah’s school curriculum night last night. Aside from the terrible parking and the boring repetitiveness of going to six classes each ten minutes long and how badly I wanted to be home on my couch, it was good. Mostly because I think she has really good teachers this year. Every one of her core subject teachers is completely on board with using the online service for communicating with students and parents, including posting all assignments and handouts online. Nice! I’ve been waiting years for her to get to this point. I do not understand why younger students are expected to remember everything and older students have the convenience of checking their classes online, but I’m super happy we’ve finally hit that point with her. On top of that, her teachers are all seasoned but yet enthused, a combination that I’ve discovered is hard to come by. So – fingers crossed! – this looks to be a very good year for her. Considering her last really good school year was third grade, I think we’ve earned this. (Also, I’m sure it won’t hurt that we’ve got this ADHD meds thing figured out with what seems to be just the right dose.) (Part of me hates that my 12 year old is on a daily dose of a controlled substance. The rest of me is just happy that it works.)

Meanwhile, I’m still in transition-land. Quinn is home for another week or so (the uncertainty of her moving date is only making me a tiny bit tense) and right about the time she goes to school, my next writing class starts.

Yep, I signed up for another one! “Putting the Horse Before the Cart: A Character Workshop”. I have a problem writing characters – I tend to make my protagonist into a total Mary Sue , or make them so bland and generic that even I couldn’t care less what happens to them. I’m hoping as my characters improve, my plots will too. Also, I need the push to write. The minute my last class ended, so did my daily writing habit. (Which goes to show that adage about doing something for x number of weeks will make it an ingrained habit. Not for me!)

The good news is, this year I’ll have even more time alone to write because Luke is signed up for before school activities four mornings a week. I swear I didn’t plan it, it just happened! He’s taking Karate two mornings a week – which is awesome because last time I signed him up for Tai Kwon Do he liked it but it was three evenings a week and totally consumed the schedule and we quit after the introductory six weeks. Before school, at his school, I just drop him and he heads off to class afterwards is SO much better. The other two mornings he’s taking band. I didn’t even know they’d let fourth graders in band, and then I learned it was at the middle school and I was like “no way am I driving over there in rush hour traffic before school” but then they said “elementary kids can ride the middle school bus” which means Luke can just ride to the school with Leah and seriously I think Someone Up There really likes me this year*. I’m only a smidge worried about how much longer this will make Luke’s day. Reality is he’s up pretty early on an average day anyway, sitting in front of the TV watching PBS kids for 30-40 minutes because he’s bored and ready to go. He’ll be happier with something to do and I’ll be happier with that extra hour to write! {I won’t go back to bed. I won’t go back to bed. I won’t go back to bed.}

Aside from all the school-related optimism, I’m also hopeful this fall because I’m finally taking Peri head on. “Peri who?” you ask? Peri-the-Menopause! (Said in the voice of Dr. Doofenshmirtz upon discovering his nemesis has arrived on the scene. “Peri! How good to see you. And by that I mean how very not good it is to see you.”) After like four years of feeling like I’m a freaking poster child for the mid-life crisis, it finally dawned on me “Maybe I should try to do something about this?” And by something I mean go to a hippie doctor (aka naturopath) and get some bio-identical hormones. So I did. After I first checked out a few books from the library (my personal fave: Female Brain Gone Insane: An Emergency Guide For Women Who Feel Like They Are Falling Apart ) and realized that such a thing as natural plant-based bio-identical hormones even existed. What can I say, I live a sheltered life. So I went to the hippie doc and got my blood tested and starting in just a couple of weeks I will be tricking my body into thinking I’m 25 again. {cue evil laugh}. And that is a very brief explanation. I intended to write a long and wordy post all about My Battle With Peri but I’m never in the mood, or never have time when I am in the mood, so that’s all you’re getting for now.

Holy cow. I did it. I blogged the whole time Quinn was gone picking up Drew! And now they’re home and so I have to go. Bye!

*Kidding! I know Someone Up There likes me … he sent His Son to die for me, after all. But I do appreciate the fantastic way my kid’s schedule came together.


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