The Shameless AD Post

Believe it or not I have written posts for this blog since September. But I either never hit publish or took them back down because they weren’t working for me. I do intend to come back here and write again.

Really. I swear.

In the meantime, it’s that time of the year again… Lunar New Year! And since this is my little square of the internet, I’m going to use it to show you what’s new in the Bykota House Zazzle shop. We’ve got some great stuff this year, if I do say so myself. (The horse was drawn by Leah, my artist-in-residence!)

Here’s a couple of my favorites:

The ever popular Tet stickers, perfect for handing out to classmates or at a community Tet event:

A cozy hoodie for your girl, designed by my girl… (design can also be ordered in a long or short sleeved tee)

For the guys, my son helped me with this design:

And for the teens and ladies, I kinda’ love this …

I think I have to buy one for myself!

Every year we do a “Personalty” line, with characteristics of that year’s zodiac sign. (I don’t so much believe in that kind of thing, but I think it’s fun and we just highlight a few positive attributes that I’m sure many people share) For instance, The Horse is cheerful * spirited * elegant * dynamic * strong * joyful. We’ve got that design on tees, a pillow, a poster, a pendant, and these awesome mugs:

In pink:

And in deference to the guys who might want a mug of their own (in green), the words were changed a smidge to “cheerful, spirited, handsome, dynamic, strong and fun”

Do me a favor? Pass the store’s link on to any friends/family who might be interested? (be sure to click on “New Year Gear” if you go through the front door; Zazzle is being difficult and not pushing all the right stuff to the front page even though I’ve asked it to approximately 23 jillion times)*

All the profits from the shop go to help Bykota House and I’d really love to see them get a boost from our New Year sales. Thanks!


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