Of Diets and Genes

Day four of The Diet. I’ve done a heckuva lot of grocery shopping in the last week and my kid is now eating buckwheat for breakfast. I think we’re doing a pretty decent job of giving her food that tastes good and meets all nutritional requirements. But the thought of cooking dinner still makes me tense. (Um, I’ve always hated figuring out dinner. Now I just hate it MORE.)

Yesterday, Husband thought it would be a great idea to “see” how the new diet is affecting Leah by not giving her the ADHD medicine. Normally we give her a half dose on the weekend, so it didn’t seem all that risky to skip it. Oh how wrong we were. It was one of the worst days she’s ever had. Ever. She was whiny, she complained no matter what food we gave her, she over-reacted to every little thing, and on top of that? We figured out she’s been lying about her scores on math assignments and had “forgotten” a huge math packet due early next week. Which meant we had to make her sit down and do homework on a Saturday afternoon, with no ADHD medication to help her focus. Um that did not go well. There was yelling, and lots of “I should just die” and “you don’t love me” and “I’m not in this family.” Name the emotional button, she pushed it. Multiple times. Ay. yi. yi.

At some point we gave up and I sent her upstairs to take a hot bath and get in PJ’s before dinner. Then we allowed her to watch a show with us during dinner (a Saturday thing we do, that I had said she couldn’t do without getting some homework done. Rather than thinking of it as caving, I’m choosing to say I decided to show her some grace. Work with me here.) After the bath, she was apologetic and weepy. During and after dinner, she was cuddly. The girl is a mood swinging whirlwind.

Obviously, the diet hasn’t had any positive effect thus far. But then, I realize we’re supposed to give it a month, not three days.

That said. I’m not all that optimistic about the diet. I’m putting my eggs in a different basket. Her naturopath mentioned the possibility of a genetic mutation having to do with MTHFR that can impact ADHD. And the solution is as simple as nutritional supplements (folic acid, I believe). We originally thought we could use her 23andMe results to figure out if she has the mutation, but the reports are altogether unhelpful, so we went ahead and had her blood drawn to be tested last week. The naturopath said we can discuss it when we come back next month. I don’t want to wait a month. I mean, if she has it, why the heck wouldn’t we start treating it NOW and screw this stupid diet? Am I wrong? I’m thinking, I wait a few more days and then call/email her ND and see if the results are back.

Meanwhile, today Leah is on a full dose of ADHD medicine. She has been very quiet, almost sullen. But she’s also staying focused and has been doing math homework for almost four hours. (with a couple of short breaks) Oh how I wish my little girl could both be her zesty self (um, without the scary tantrums, please) AND get her homework done! How terrible is it that now I’m hoping for my kid to have a genetic mutation?!


2 thoughts on “Of Diets and Genes

  1. Oy. I’m so sorry. For her and for you. I agree with you- I don’t see why you should wait a month if there’s a chance you could start treating her now and get some help. Doesn’t make sense to me… Could you go ahead and start her on the nutritional supplements right now on your own, in addition to the other things you’re doing? I mean, how bad can it be to put someone on folic acid? I suppose, though- if you did and she improved- you wouldn’t know which thing helped, the supplements or the diet.

    BTW, I reread the comment I left on the last post, and I was a little disgusted with myself. I hope I didn’t come across as dismissive. I certainly didn’t mean it that way. I was going for calm, soothing, supportive friend, but I thought- in black and white- I sounded more like cavalier and flippant horse’s a%$. Which I’m not. Well… The horse’s a%$ part, I am. But, I don’t suppose there’s anything we can do about that at this point.

    1. Michelle, good point about not knowing which thing was helping. I hadn’t thought of that. Now I have to decide if I care. :p
      And about your last comment… I totally got that you were being calm, soothing and supportive – I didn’t take it at all as flippant or the rear end of an equine. Not in the least! 🙂

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