Just The Essentials, Please

Ok, so if you hadn’t gathered from the last post, the child is no longer taking her adhd medicine. This has mostly been a good thing. She is perkier and more loving and connecting better emotionally. Most of the time. She is still 13 after all. But then, there’s math. And oh wow does my child not like math. And oh wow has she expressed that dislike to me in the last couple of days.

I need help. And I don’t want to put her on another pharmaceutical. Am officially freaked out by giving my child prescription medicines. I want to try something more natural. I want to try Essential Oils.

But I am totally stuck. I seriously have NO idea where to start. None. Like I went online and people post “recipes” for the perfect adhd blend and it’s this long list of different oils along with “carrier” oils and then talks about roll-ons and diffusers and all manner of witchcraft. I’m kidding about the witchcraft, obvs. But it does seem kinda wibbly wobbly and like maybe I need a cauldron of some kind. Also, people keep telling me the trick is to buy only the “pure” kind and at “wholesale” because otherwise well, it won’t work or I’ll get ripped off. And so I imagine myself walking down a kinda spooky alley and doing a secret knock.

So okay Internet… I’m walking down the alley, and I found the door.

knock...knockknockknock... knock knock
knock…knockknockknock… knock knock

Now… tell me the Secrets of The Fire Swamp. How on earth do I get started on this essential oil journey without buying a crapton of stuff I don’t need and how do I mix it in such a way as to make a useable thing? (and do I need an Eye of Newt? Sorry, can’t help myself. LOL.)

Ok… I know I have like 4 readers, but if some wonderfully knowledgeable Essential Oil Guru happens upon my blog, please share your wisdom! Thanks ever so much.


2 thoughts on “Just The Essentials, Please

  1. I feel really badly that as one of your 4 blog readers I have nothing helpful to add to this!!! surely someone on facebook has EO wisdom? I could hook you up with my MIL and she would five you the low down if you get desperate… đŸ™‚

  2. I’m not a guru by any stretch, and I know this post is old enough that you’ve probably found your answers, but just in case: I’d check DoTerra and Young Living oils. They probably have an oil blend that will help, and you won’t have to mix anything up yourself. I would tell you what Doterra has, but I can’t find my book (yeah, I got sucked in, and now I have a crapton of their oils, but I do like them). You won’t need a carrier oil if you diffuse the essential oils, only if you put it on topically. I know a good one to start with is lavender (also good topically for bug bites), but that’s all I know without my reference book.

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