Candles & Yoga For The Win

Ok, I don’t know that it was the lavender scented candle or the truly goofy brain yoga, but I’ll give them some of the credit because today was a much better day than yesterday.  But then, that’s generally how it goes around these parts – terrible days intermixed with “hey that went well and it’s not even 3pm!” kinds of days.  It’s kind of like how when your tiny baby is screaming for hours on end and you think “it’s a good thing you are really cute, kid.”  (or is that just me?)  Also things always go better on the days when we have nothing on the agenda other than school so we can be all chill and burn candles and I don’t feel any kind of time pressure.  (I am under no illusions here – I know that when I am stressed it makes my kids stressed!)

Question for you seasoned Homeschooling Mamas… how do you deal with the friends/socialization side of things?  Is it just a matter of signing your kid up for a zillion activities?  How then do you balance all that with getting the school work done?  And do your kids make like solid friend-friends, or are they just kids your kid sees once a week?  I really am stumped on this.  Frankly even when my kids were in public school I wasn’t any good at the friend thing – I kind of hate playdates.  Also, my kids’ choice of friends were not so great (the younger two especially) and the one kid they’d pick to want to see all the time would be so truly obnoxious and trouble-making that I’d be thinking “yeah, this kid isn’t coming over again” and well… then what?  I had such a hard time making friends in grade school but in middle and high school I had some amazing friends and it happened really organically so I’m not sure how to set that sort of thing up.  Thoughts?


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